The brilliant Comeback of the Bubble Tea

In the last decade we could observe, especially in Europe, how the cult drink “Bubble Tea” almost disappeared from the scene after an enormous hype. Now it is back and with a professionalism never seen before. It seems as if people have learned from the past and have picked up speed again with more maturity and experience in a new Hype 2.0.

Also we from Tea-One Europe start after the decades of abstinence (at that time more than 60 stores all over Europe) more mature and professional into the bubble tea market, with individual and unique bubble tea varieties. The difference is the vision not to be just another bubble tea store. We have made it our mission to bring the cult drink to the European market professionally and with a high value, both in the quality of the drinks and in the store design.

Gut zu wissen!


So viele Eiswürfel wurden verwendet


So viel frisches Obst wurde verarbeitet


Benutzte Einweghandschuh

"Vietnamese tradition meets Western flair."

Our vision is to develop Tea-One 2.0 into a traditional and modern Vietnamese tea/coffee house concept to introduce guests to the exotic Vietnamese tea and coffee culture combined with modern ambience. Coffee from Vietnam? Most of us think of tea when we think of Asia. Coffee from Vietnam? Most of us think of tea when we think of Asia. However, only a few are aware that Vietnam is the second largest supplier of green coffee after Brazil. After all, 14 percent of the coffee sold worldwide comes from Vietnamese growing regions This is precisely why we want to pick up here and, in addition to the popular bubble teas in our bubble tea stores, gradually offer traditional snacks and coffees in the near future.

“Vietnamese tradition meets Western flair.”


Let your journey begin

Emotionally embark on a journey to Asian Vietnam and enjoy your custom bubble tea at Tea One Experience Vietnamese culture, traditional coffee and tea, as well as the modern ambiance on site at our Tea One stores. Tea One stands not only for delicious bubble teas and Vietnamese flair, but also for professionalism and quality. We focus on especially fresh and sustainable raw materials to guarantee you a high quality bubble tea.

Choose your Teavolution!

You can choose from a wide variety of bubble teas. The base consists of cold or warm jasmine, asam or oolong tea. The Bubble Teas are varied by different flavors, fruit juices and/or by the addition of milk. Round out your bubble tea with a topping of your choice. Check out the drink menu and get inspired for your next visit. When do you start your #teavolution?